Outsourcing : trends and innovation

posted 21 July 2013

Having your €50/h IT specialist update a database, is simply a waste of his precious time, and even more importantly: your money. Outsourcing allows your rather expensive employees to focus on the business’ core-activities, making your company run more efficiently.

According to the latest study covering both IT and BPO from HfS Research and KPMG International, most enterprises corroborate that achieving operational effectiveness is the key motivation behind IT and business process outsourcing. The most important incentives for companies currently outsourcing part of their processes remain cost-reduction (87%), greater flexibility (82%) and process standardization (74%).

In the study, in which over 1,350 stakeholders responded, many see outsourcing as a way to not only keep costs down, but also gain more traction with up-to-date business processes. Although 2012 has been a quite difficult year for the industry because of the negative media and stigma related to the term outsourcing, the data confirms more and more companies are starting or increasing their outsourcing portfolios. Furthermore, the data suggests an outburst in 2013 of the use of outsourcing in Europe and North America. Of the almost 400 enterprises currently using outsourcing in the survey, half of them are looking to expand their outsourcing activities for their application, finance and HR services.


The majority of the customers are satisfied, as 88% of them believe the delivered service meets their requirements, but remain unconvinced about the improvement of analytical capabilities, the access to talent and the lack of innovation inside the industry. Soccha’s mission and innovative business model brings a new approach to an industry in dire need of innovation and fresh ideas. Soccha’s new approach of combining social impact and operational effectiveness has proven to entice many clients in various markets and create a new way of doing business.

The company’s growth

posted 31 May 2013

Coming into 2013, Soccha was faced with the challenge of confirming the positive outlook created during our first 9 months.
After two eventful first months, we are glad to witness the enthusiasm and motivation of everyone involved resulting in a continuous growth and confirmation of the positive social trend set forth in 2012
A result of this positive trend is the fact that the number of people working on the Soccha project has risen to 31 in Belgium and Madagascar and that our latest training cycle in Madagascar will be starting on the 1st of April in partnership with Telma.
We have developed, in the last couple of weeks, several new partnerships with large Belgian and international companies such as Befimmo, Fortuneo, La Forêt and several Dutch real estate companies. These partnerships will not only enhance our growth but will also create a stable working environment while giving our employees a chance to develop during continuous trainings.
Finally, the launch of our newest service: Drawing Solutions. In a nutshell, we produce interactive 2D and 3D floorplans, mainly for real estate brokers and specialized construction firms. In order to launch this latest service, we organized specialized trainings for our Malagasy employees. What started as a pilot project with Immoweb in June 2012 has now nurtured into one of the focal points of Soccha’s services.
At the moment Drawing Solutions is focusing on the Netherlands and Belgium, but we are hoping to expand our services to other markets in order to keep growing and creating opportunities locally and globally.

Meet Clément

posted 31 May 2013

After graduating high school in 2008, Clément was unsure about his different professional opportunities. In order to gain some professional experience, he accepted the first job offered to him and started working as a bartender in a restaurant. He worked as salesperson and teleoperator afterwards and after a few months became unemployed again.

In September of 2012, after being unemployed for over a year, Clément found the Soccha job offer and decided to send his application. Even though the job offer was quite vague to him, Clément opted to apply anyway because he was simply looking for job stability. During the interview process, he discovered the Soccha business model and was immediately encouraged by the different possibilities offered to him. As is often the case with our candidates, they remain undecided about which professional direction they would like to take. The goal of Soccha is to help them identify that direction and support them to overcome the hurdles they encounter.

Together with Clément we established that his professional aspirations lie within the commercial sector. In the future, he would like to sell products to clients and manage a business portfolio. In order to help Clément obtain that job of business developer / account manager, we set-up a personal training plan containing different trainings like presentation techniques, client psychology and commercial support. These courses are given by different partners and will take approximately 10 months during which he will combine work and trainings.

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers

posted 31 May 2013

On Monday October 1st, Soccha experienced one of its most rewarding days since the start of our company, as milestones were reached both in Belgium and Madagascar.

Thanks to the support of our partnering clients, we were able to organize a second cycle of trainings in Madagascar. After we finished the interview process in Antananarivo, we awaited our 36 students on Monday morning to start our latest basic training. The focus of this training was once again centered on the basics of computers and the Microsoft Office suite. We were able to professionalize our training with specialized facilities and up to date computers. After four colorful weeks filled with commitment and motivation, our trainees took the final exam in order to graduate. Sixteen trainees successfully passed the exam and together with our local partners, we managed to find a job for six of them. We are currently looking to expand that number through local partnerships and internal placement at our Malagasy office.

Almost 10,000 kilometers north wards, October 1st symbolized the official start of our Belgian office as four long-term jobseekers started working at the Chirec hospital in Braine l’Alleud. Mainly because of the success of our business model in Madagascar, we decided to reproduce our model in Europe where long-term jobseekers are at the heart of our project. Together with our four employees, we established individual training programs where our main goal is to attain each individual’s professional objective. During this training period, our employees also complete while also completing the different client’s tasks. After a series of trainings, we look for a work opportunity related to the subject of their trainings. The trainings and specific work experience gives our employees a chance to jumpstart their professional career. Additionally they have guaranteed job stability throughout the whole training period.