The company’s growth

Coming into 2013, Soccha was faced with the challenge of confirming the positive outlook created during our first 9 months.
After two eventful first months, we are glad to witness the enthusiasm and motivation of everyone involved resulting in a continuous growth and confirmation of the positive social trend set forth in 2012
A result of this positive trend is the fact that the number of people working on the Soccha project has risen to 31 in Belgium and Madagascar and that our latest training cycle in Madagascar will be starting on the 1st of April in partnership with Telma.
We have developed, in the last couple of weeks, several new partnerships with large Belgian and international companies such as Befimmo, Fortuneo, La Forêt and several Dutch real estate companies. These partnerships will not only enhance our growth but will also create a stable working environment while giving our employees a chance to develop during continuous trainings.
Finally, the launch of our newest service: Drawing Solutions. In a nutshell, we produce interactive 2D and 3D floorplans, mainly for real estate brokers and specialized construction firms. In order to launch this latest service, we organized specialized trainings for our Malagasy employees. What started as a pilot project with Immoweb in June 2012 has now nurtured into one of the focal points of Soccha’s services.
At the moment Drawing Solutions is focusing on the Netherlands and Belgium, but we are hoping to expand our services to other markets in order to keep growing and creating opportunities locally and globally.