I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers

On Monday October 1st, Soccha experienced one of its most rewarding days since the start of our company, as milestones were reached both in Belgium and Madagascar.

Thanks to the support of our partnering clients, we were able to organize a second cycle of trainings in Madagascar. After we finished the interview process in Antananarivo, we awaited our 36 students on Monday morning to start our latest basic training. The focus of this training was once again centered on the basics of computers and the Microsoft Office suite. We were able to professionalize our training with specialized facilities and up to date computers. After four colorful weeks filled with commitment and motivation, our trainees took the final exam in order to graduate. Sixteen trainees successfully passed the exam and together with our local partners, we managed to find a job for six of them. We are currently looking to expand that number through local partnerships and internal placement at our Malagasy office.

Almost 10,000 kilometers north wards, October 1st symbolized the official start of our Belgian office as four long-term jobseekers started working at the Chirec hospital in Braine l’Alleud. Mainly because of the success of our business model in Madagascar, we decided to reproduce our model in Europe where long-term jobseekers are at the heart of our project. Together with our four employees, we established individual training programs where our main goal is to attain each individual’s professional objective. During this training period, our employees also complete while also completing the different client’s tasks. After a series of trainings, we look for a work opportunity related to the subject of their trainings. The trainings and specific work experience gives our employees a chance to jumpstart their professional career. Additionally they have guaranteed job stability throughout the whole training period.