Outsourcing : trends and innovation

Having your €50/h IT specialist update a database, is simply a waste of his precious time, and even more importantly: your money. Outsourcing allows your rather expensive employees to focus on the business’ core-activities, making your company run more efficiently.

According to the latest study covering both IT and BPO from HfS Research and KPMG International, most enterprises corroborate that achieving operational effectiveness is the key motivation behind IT and business process outsourcing. The most important incentives for companies currently outsourcing part of their processes remain cost-reduction (87%), greater flexibility (82%) and process standardization (74%).

In the study, in which over 1,350 stakeholders responded, many see outsourcing as a way to not only keep costs down, but also gain more traction with up-to-date business processes. Although 2012 has been a quite difficult year for the industry because of the negative media and stigma related to the term outsourcing, the data confirms more and more companies are starting or increasing their outsourcing portfolios. Furthermore, the data suggests an outburst in 2013 of the use of outsourcing in Europe and North America. Of the almost 400 enterprises currently using outsourcing in the survey, half of them are looking to expand their outsourcing activities for their application, finance and HR services.


The majority of the customers are satisfied, as 88% of them believe the delivered service meets their requirements, but remain unconvinced about the improvement of analytical capabilities, the access to talent and the lack of innovation inside the industry. Soccha’s mission and innovative business model brings a new approach to an industry in dire need of innovation and fresh ideas. Soccha’s new approach of combining social impact and operational effectiveness has proven to entice many clients in various markets and create a new way of doing business.