Meet Clément

After graduating high school in 2008, Clément was unsure about his different professional opportunities. In order to gain some professional experience, he accepted the first job offered to him and started working as a bartender in a restaurant. He worked as salesperson and teleoperator afterwards and after a few months became unemployed again.

In September of 2012, after being unemployed for over a year, Clément found the Soccha job offer and decided to send his application. Even though the job offer was quite vague to him, Clément opted to apply anyway because he was simply looking for job stability. During the interview process, he discovered the Soccha business model and was immediately encouraged by the different possibilities offered to him. As is often the case with our candidates, they remain undecided about which professional direction they would like to take. The goal of Soccha is to help them identify that direction and support them to overcome the hurdles they encounter.

Together with Clément we established that his professional aspirations lie within the commercial sector. In the future, he would like to sell products to clients and manage a business portfolio. In order to help Clément obtain that job of business developer / account manager, we set-up a personal training plan containing different trainings like presentation techniques, client psychology and commercial support. These courses are given by different partners and will take approximately 10 months during which he will combine work and trainings.